Simple Quality Management can assist in evaluation and assessment of a project and its potential viability, based on our experience and expertise in the industry.

A simplistic six-step process can assess the potential sales volume for a convenience store for a specific location:

Step One: Consider the marketing area.

Step Two: Physically count dwellings including houses, apartment units, and mobile homes.

Step Three: Determine traffic potential.

Step Four: Evaluate your competition.

Step Five: Determine the customer profile through demographics.

Step Six: Consider other issues will affect sales, such as economic condition, capital expended, layout and design, and marketing strategies.

Simple Quality Management offers the ability to conduct a Feasibility Study and preliminary Business Plan based a more detailed evaluation of the Site Selection elements (see Site Selection). This includes five-year sales forecast projections, as well as overhead, monthly expense and debt service estimates for both a taxed and non state-taxed facility. The result help to determine the potential profitability of a new convenience store project, and is a required element to be considered by a lender for financing. Lenders have issued funding based on our studies, and they have also passed BIA scrutiny.